Visual Effects in Fat Loot – UDK VFX




Fat Loot is a player vs. player stealth-action brawler, in which you control a wacky thief master breaking into an ancient Chinese palace in an attempt to pull the ultimate heist.

I was working on the team as a technical artist, mainly in charge of creating various visual effects using particle systems in UDK. Some of them you can probably see from the pictures: the blue fire, the floating stars above the treasure chest and the smoke around the censors.

It was an really unforgettable experience for me to work on a team with so many talented people. I learned a lot about teamwork as I have to continuously communicate with both the artists and the engineers,

Here is a blog post where I talked about the creating effects in the game using the particle system in UDK:

And if you want to know more about the game, here is the website for the game: