Cave Story – Interactive VFX Showcase

Click Here to Play

(You probably need firefox to play since it is a Unity project)


How to Play:

WASD to move, mouse to look.


VFX included in the experience:

  • Falling water
  • Glow
  • Rain
  • Moving Fog
  • Fire
  • flock (bats)
  • Mirror
  • Animated Particle (Demon fog)


Other things to notice about the experience:

  • I created all the things in the experience (models, textures, etc…) except for some particle textures from the Standard Assets package and the base cave model. I also modified the cave model for some part of the experience.
  • I also wrote a script for the experience but I haven’t got the chance to put the audio in. When I demoed it at the presentation I read out the script as a storybook and the audience feedback was very positive.



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